A good book deserves a good index, and a good index includes all the important names, topics, subtopics, themes and so forth in the manuscript to guide the reader directly to the relevant content.

Constructing an index is a job that not only requires meticulous attention to detail but also good judgement about what to include (and, importantly, what not to include) and sound knowledge of the manuscript.

As the final part of the pre-publication process, indexing can often seem a daunting and tiresome task, but I've built indexes for numerous academic books in subjects ranging from history and linguistics to psychiatry.

What has impressed me most about working with Mr. Wright (he did the Index for a 158-page book I wrote with a colleague) is the combination of speed, judgement, responsibility, and—this quality is a wonderful luxury indeed for any author—an easy communicativeness! He responds to questions and suggestions with dispatch and flexibility. I cannot imagine myself requesting another to work on my next book, were Mr. Wright free to do so. — Robert Arnold Johnson, MD

Some authors prefer to provide an existing index framework for me to populate, which is entirely acceptable if you simply wish me to populate the index for you (I will of course be happy to make suggestions about additions or alterations during the work), but I am also happy to construct the index completely from scratch.

During the course of the indexing, should any typos or grammatical errors be noticed, I will not hesitate to point these out, but please note that proofreading the text is not part of the service. If a final proofread is required before publication as well, however, the two services can be combined.

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