Caesar's Shadow (Gods & Kings #1)

What would you do to be a part of history? History obsessed gamer Matt Bailey has always dreamed about seeing ancient Rome at the height of its glory. Now he can. The newest VRMMO Gods & Kings is the closest thing to a time machine he’ll ever get.

At first Matt is overjoyed to be able to relive some of history’s most climactic moments and decides to aid Julius Caesar against Pompey the Great. He aligns himself with a mysterious soldier god giving him otherworldly powers, recruits his own troops and levels them in battle to unlock new formations and abilities. It’s awesome!

But his carefree attitude soon earns the scorn of a serious competitor who has made it his mission to rewrite history and see Caesar and his allies destroyed. To see the version of Rome he loves come to life, Matt must use all his skill to defeat the new overwhelming might of the Pompeians.

One player may change the course of history, and it’s up to Matt to stop him.

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The Evolution of Opera Theatre in the Middle East and North Africa

By Paolo Petrocelli - Translated from the original Italian by Anthony Wright

This book is the first structured and complete research work undertaken on opera theatres across the entire Middle East and North Africa. Until now, no single study has looked at every theatrical and musical institute in these countries. Many of the opera theatres that are examined here have had very little written about them at all. This work fills this void in order to provide scholars and practitioners in the sector with the first reference work on the subject that will help our understanding of the evolutionary process that has led—and continues to lead—all the countries in the MENA region to equip themselves with an opera theatre.

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The Duellists: Pep, Jose and the Birth of Football’s Greatest Rivalry

By Paolo Condo - Translated from the original Italian by Anthony Wright

In April 2011, Barcelona and Real Madrid faced each other four times in just 18 days: twice in Champions League semi-finals, once in La Liga, again in the Copa del Rey. Those 18 days descended into a strained, feverish period that defined an era for one of football’s most intense rivalries.

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The Confession

By Aurelio Porfiri - Translated from the original Italian by Anthony Wright

Hong Kong: a girl, a priest, an inviolable secret. Against the backdrop of the former British colony, a breathtaking thriller where nobody, or almost, is what it seems. Is a priest always before God, even when God disappears? But if you betray God, who will you not be able to betray? The first thriller by Aurelio Porfiri of a series of detective stories that will revolve around the sacraments. This deals with the sacrament of penance, but the story will also extend to other very important and current issues, such as China, the post‐conciliar crisis, the situation of restlessness that is experienced in Hong Kong, divided between its Chinese identity and his aspiration to freedom. A story with metaphysical traits but well anchored to historical and ecclesial relevance, a story to understand reality from other points of view.

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Franciscan Catechism: Progressives' Fake News on the Saint from Assisi

By Guido Vignelli - Translated from the original Italian by Anthony Wright

Anti-Christian propaganda is spreading a completely false image of St. Francis of Assisi across the world, as it has been adapted to fit the demands of the ‘modern spirit’. It is therefore urgent to rediscover the person, the example and the message of the true St. Francis, for which there is a pressing and current requirement. In order to rediscover this, we must return to the contemporary historical sources, to the testimonies of the early Franciscans and to the teachings of the Church. This is what this short but deeply researched book has done – written through posing questions and providing answers – in order to restore truth and honour to St. Francis, taken away from him by his many false followers and apologists.

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