About Imprimatur Editing...

Imprimatur Editing is an independent copy-editing and proofreading service founded by Anthony Wright, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. We have arrangements with a number of trained editors who can undertake editing services in order to ensure your work is edited and proofread in a timely manner.

We specialise in copy-editing and proofreading non-fiction work, from full length monographs and edited collections to individual chapters and papers for submission to journals and other publications. We also provide an Italian-English translation service for both fiction and non-fiction work.

Anthony has years of experience working inside the academic publishing industry, during which time he has worked closely with authors from around the world on various aspects of their manuscripts. He knows the high standards required for academic publications, as well as the importance of maintaining the author’s own voice in their work.

We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your work meets the exacting standards required, using on screen changes in order that you can track every change that has been suggested. We will always raise queries with you if there are doubts about a potential change, and we are always happy to discuss any suggestions made and revisit the text in light of these discussions. The most important thing to us is that you are completely happy with the finished work before it is submitted for publication.

The Author

Anthony is a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and he has received professional training from the same institution. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Ancient History & Archaeology and a Master’s degree (with distinction) in Ancient History, both from Newcastle University. His Master’s thesis, titled ‘What was the relationship between the Achaemenid hazarapatiš and the Macedonian chiliarch?’, was commended for its depth and analysis, and is available to read here.

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